Made by Gibson for the renowned Truett and George Studio in San Francisco, this banjo is the functional equivalent of the better known "Trujo" models but without the bizarre carved headstock. Its extraordinarily deep pot and heavy venturi-like tone ring were designed by Harry George specifically for use with Truett & George's system of guitar tuning for plectrum banjo. Gibson was making lots of instruments for other companies around this same time but the Trujo banjos were by far the most unusual, and they sold for higher prices as well. This one is in terrific condition, with virtually no wear on fingerboard or frets. Although the inlays are different it's very much like Gibson's Style 3 Mastertone models of the same period. The neck has just about .020" relief at the 9th fret and is quite playable. Even the old skin head is still almost as clean as new, and check out the original hardshell case! Gibson obviously saw a lot of potential in the contract with the Truett and George Studio, as indicated by all the special hardware needed for these models.

stock no. 54828

ModelTruett (Style 3) Plectrum
Frets to body22
Fretboard Materialrosewood
Neck materialmaple
Tone ringTrujo
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No9373-14