An excellent B & D Silverbell of the "Montana" persuasion and a real bargain considering the superb restored condition. Original Planet pegs with pearl buttons, all metal parts appear to be original as well but they have been replated. The price is somewhat connected to the original owner's name, "Don," on the resonator back but of course if your name is Don then it's a bargain (if so please tell us so we can charge you a bit more). All metal parts heavily replated (they were gold originally as well), and the neck refinished. This work was done many years ago but we do not know for sure who did the restoration. One thing is clear and that's the work was very well done. But despite the fancy engraved and tinted celluloid, the gold plating, the rhinestones and the carved neck heel, this is a working tenor banjo. The knee mute works very well, the frets are good and the string action excellent. This was owned by an active tenor player, it will serve the next tenor player equally well. Currently fitted with a new 5-Star head as shown, but other heads are available if you prefer, just ask. Original hardshell case as shown.

stock no. 51124

ModelSilver Bell #3 Montana Special Tenor
Serial No26394
CaseOrig. Hard