We're assuming this 40-hole archtop plectrum will be converted to a 5-string by adding the appropriate Gibson-style neck. It appears that the original finish was removed with solvent, rather than with stripper, and very little sanding was done so both the shell and resonator could be finished to match the new neck. The important hardware is original, including the Grover "pancake" tuners, and only the armrest appears to have been damaged and the tailpiece may not be original. Factory Order Numbers stamped on the inside of the shell, and written on the inside of the resonator, all match. Note the hole in the headstock (probably for hanging it from a wall peg). Neck inlays are all there, and the plectrum neck is reasonably straight with worn-but-decent frets. Comes in a new hardshell case that will also fit a 5-string neck.

stock no. 55333

ModelPB-3 40-hole archtop Plectrum
Frets to body22
Scale length26 1/4"
Fretboard Materialrosewood
Neck materialmaple
Shell3-ply maple
Tone ring40-hole archtop
Diameter11 inch
Total frets22
Tunersoriginal Grover
CaseNew Hard
Serial No9031-7A
Flangetube & plate