This B & D plectrum is in quite good shape but saw quite a bit of use as evidenced by the wear through the finish on the back of the neck. The neck is straight and string action quite good, but what are probably the original frets have quite a bit of wear. It plays OK now, but doesn't play like a new Deering or a newish Ome banjo. If you are ordering this banjo long-distance, please call and talk to Frank or Richard because we went to make sure the purchaser knows the whole story before we ship it hundreds of miles. The original hardshell case is in pretty good shape, it's the same case you often see with higher B & D models, with double accessory pockets, one containing the original wrench with "Bacon" stamp. No apparent repairs except the obvious change to a modern plastic head. All the finish and the parts appear to be original. It's a good loud 1920s B & D plectrum for not a lot of dough. (For the record, one serial number list puts this as being made in 1935, but it doesn't appear to be that late to us, and both the Mugwumps list and another widely used list pegs this serial number to 1928.

stock no. 48852

ModelPeerless Plectrum
Serial No24850
CaseOrig. Hard