We had Bart Reiter make the neck for this Vega Tubaphone shell almost twenty years ago (it was originally a 17-fret tenor with a cracked headstock and Bart kindly stamped the dowel stick with the same number Vega stamped on the shell). The result is a classy but not ostentatious 5-string open back, with the best of both the vintage and contemporary banjo worlds. Bart hasn't offered engraved inlays as shown here for many years, in fact he not longer makes necks for original Vega/Fairbanks shells at all. This was traded back to Gryphon by one of our A-list customers, a guy who takes excellent care of all his instruments. He is a player, so there's a little light fret wear, but it's in excellent shape throughout. We installed a new FiberSkyn head. Comes in the TKL hardshell case we supplied with it back then, still in good shape.

stock no. 56111

ModelTubaphone No. 3 5 String
Scale length26 1/4"
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMahogany
Tone ringTubaphone
Total frets22
Serial No68580