The nicest Tubaphone No. 3 Gryphon has ever had in terms of originality and near-pristine condition. We sold this to a banjo-playing employee many years ago, who used it sparingly as he has oodles of banjos. Now he's thinning his collection...blah blah blah. Original finish, all metal parts are original to this banjo and the plating on everything is in excellent condition. He had Larry Cohea reset the dowel-stick (that's a neck reset in old banjo lingo) and Larry also refretted it with period-correct fretwire. The end result? An old banjo that plays as well or better than a new one! Original hardshell case is included, and it's equally clean.

stock no. 52127

ModelTubaphone No. 3 5 String
Serial No65262
CaseOrig. Hard
Tone ringTub-a-phone
Diameter11 inch