These original Orpheum 5-strings don't turn up very often and this one has some cool features, such as the extended heel carving and the back strap that comes down the neck past the 5th peg. Judging by the abundance of marquetry as well as pearl (including pearl tuner buttons) this was a deluxe model (later versions have the word "Special" in pearl on the headstock as well as the dowel stick stamp shown here). We don't know the whole story of the resonator, but snug-fit resonators were a thing around this period and the threaded hole in the dowel stick makes you wonder..... The thin finish has some bumps and wear as shown, but the most wear is to the dyed hardwood fingerboard as you can see in photos 11 & 12. We're guessing this was probably strung with gut stings originally as the frets aren't that bad. Some of the nuts are similar but not exactly identical to the rest of the set, and some of the shoes show more brass than nickel, but 100+ years old banjos get credit for survival and thanks to the skin head this one has great Charlie Poole tone. With 24 frets you shouldn't have any trouble getting the attention of your audience!

stock no. 60118

ModelNo. 3 Special 5 String
Nut width1 1/4"
Scale length27 1/2"
Fretboard MaterialDyed Hardwood
Neck materialMaple
Total frets24
Serial No3236
Diameter11 3/16"