Vega made many versions of their popular Tubaphone tenor, but this rather early example is a variant that doesn't turn up often (big head, short scale, lotsa frets). Since the player dated the Rogers skin head 1918, it's probably the original, and the whole banjo has survived remarkably unscathed, with a straight neck and nice tall original frets. Tailpiece and hook and nut set appear original. The case may not be original as it's oversized for this shell but then Vega couldn't have had exact cases for every head size and neck length they offered!

stock no. 60096

ModelStyle X No. 9 Tubaphone Tenor
Frets to body17
Nut width1 1/8"
Scale length21"
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialMaple
Shell7-Ply Maple
Tone ringTubaphone
Total frets22
CaseOrig. Hard
Serial No34826
Diameter11 13/16"