An interesting and historically important ukulele variant from the builder who started a lot of "alternative instrument" trends in the early days of the last century, especially on the west coast. Chris Knutsen was never content to build the same thing for very long, but he made a number of different versions of this style that's now usually called a "harp uke" because the hollow "arm" on the bass side is similar in shape to the support for the additional strings on Knutsen's harp guitars. This is nearly identical to a slightly fancier example on Greg Miner's Knutsen website, but that one has the rope purfling around the top as well as the soundhole. The paper label on this one is missing, but remaining glue on the inside of the back suggests where that label used to be and the back crack(s) repair is probably what wiped out the label.

As long as you don't try to get too fancy with your picking, this is a functional uke that can be played. We don't want to claim that the wood tuning pegs are original as they may not be, but at least they're old, and they work. There are nice tight repairs to four back cracks, and to short cracks on either side of the bridge. If you need more info on this we highly recommend that you call as speak to Michael Simmons.

stock no. 48482

ModelHarp Uke Soprano
Back and sideskoa
Bridge materialkoa
Neck materialkoa
CaseGig Bag
Tunerswood pegs