The S.S. Stewart Special Thoroughbred was one of the more popular instruments during the 1890s classical banjo craze. While it was initially designed to play genteel parlor music, it is also a great for playing more raucous old-time clawhammer styles as well. This particular example is in excellent condition. It has the elegantly carved heel, the celluloid name plate, and best of all the original Thoroughbred Horse Head decal. This banjo is set up with a nice skin head, and it is strung with steel strings. This is very nice banjo and we almost never see them in this condition. Note that there's one missing shoe, hook, and nut set, plus three non-original nuts. We're looking for a shoe that's a close match. We don't have details on the headstock repair shown in photo 21 as that was done long before the banjo arrived at Gryphon, but it appears solid.

stock no. 40879

ModelSpecial Thoroughbred 5 String
Nut width1 1/4"
Scale length27 1/16"
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialcherry
FinishFrench polish
CaseNew Hardshell
Tunersoriginal friction pegs
Total frets22
Serial No19180
Diameter11" head