Nice clean Universal Favorite and a very playable banjo as long as you string it with nylon strings (it was intended for gut strings). Great sound with the unmistakable old-time plunky tone, and how many banjos weigh less than five pounds?. There's some brass showing through the nickel plating on some of the shoes and also the hooks, but the shell and heavy tension hoop are in remarkably good condition. Matching serial number on inner wall of shell and on dowel stock., Lots of little dings and light wear to the back of the cherry neck, but the finish is complete with original coloring and there's no bare wood showing. The celluloid friction pegs work fine with nylon strings, but if you want more modern (precise) tuning talk to Frank about putting geared pegs on it. Comes with the nice newer hardshell case shown.

stock no. 55939

ModelUniversal Favorite No.1 5 String
Nut width1 3/16"
Scale length27 1/8"
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialCherry
TunersCelluloid Friction Pegs
Serial No18892