Here's a Larrivee Dreadnought that's old enough to vote, no, wait, it was born in Canada. Is 21 years old the voting age for Canada? Oh's a really clean walnut back & sides Larrivee with the original case. It's been played, there's a little fret wear and a few scruffs on the clear pickguard, but super clean throughout with no cracks anywhere and no sign of any repairs. This came to us from a customer we've known for over 40 years, a guy who takes excellent care of all his guitars. The word "all" really says it all, as this guy has always had lots of instruments so no single guitar he owns gets a lot of use. We're big fans of walnut, especially in dreadnoughts, Frank and Richard made more guitars out of walnut than they did of rosewood back in early '70s. Great balance between bass and treble, plenty of volume, this example is a lot of guitar in near-mint condition for a very reasonable price.

stock no. 52184

Back and sideswalnut
Frets to body14
Bridge materialebony
Fretboard Materialebony
Neck materialmahogany
BracingX pattern
Serial No18164
Neck profileC
CaseOrig. Hard
Total frets20