Don't be fooled by the somewhat corny-sounding term Collings uses for a torrefied spruce top, what Collings calls "baked" is what Martin calls their "Vintage Tone System," or VTS. Other guitarmakers use different names for the same heat treatment, but what matters is that everybody seems to agree that it isn't smoke and mirrors, it really works.

While the new Collings "Traditional Series" acoustics don't look very different from their standard flattops, there are a number of differences. The changes that affect the sound and feel include: *Constructed using animal protein glue. *Thinner, all-nitrocellulose lacquer finish (no UV-cure undercoats). *Lighter top bracing, no "tongue brace" under the fingerboard. *Neck shape with more rounded fingerboard edges and vintage-like profile and taper.

The following cosmetic differences on Collings "Traditional Series" guitars include: *Herringbone on 2H models is brown & light tan, instead of black & white. Different soundhole purflings also have more subtle contrasts. *Gold mother-of-pearl headstock logo *Through-cut bone saddle

The woods are selected and matched for both weight and stiffness. The end result of the structural changes and the additional fine-tuning is a Collings flattop with a warmer, somewhat more "rounded" and smoother overall tone. While these guitars are not "distressed" or artificially worn to make them appear like an older instrument, both the sound and the feel of these Traditional Series Collings models achieve a more "broken-in" impression for the player, and the listener.

stock no. 50057

ModelD2H T "Traditional Series"
TopSitka spruce baked
Back and sidesE. Indian rosewood
Frets to body14
Nut width1 3/4"
Scale length25 1/2"
Bridge spacing2 5/16"
Bridge materialEbony belly-style
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Neck materialHonduran mahogany
BindingIvoroid with small brown herringbone purfling
BracingCustom Traditional Series pre-war scalloped X-brace
InlayAbalone long diamond & squares
Neck profileTraditional
NotesCollings Traditional Handcrafted Case
Rosetteiv/tort/iv & b/w purflings
Total frets20
TunersNickel Waverly (16:1 ratio)
FinishHigh gloss extra-thin nitrocellulose lacquer
Serial No26637
CaseOrig. Hard